In the meantime ...

Ampie is still chilling and can be found at www.ampieomo.com.
Leon is actively involved with the government, bands and otherprojects at www.roadshock.com.

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Chris Chameleon solo: website!

Chris Chameleon has launched his first Afrikaans solo album: “Ek herhaal jou”. The album is a musical journey in which Chris has transformed the poetry of iconic 60`s poet Ingrid Jonker into melodic and accessible songs. After 7 years of touring 17 countries, counting up to 800 shows, the other two members of Boo! resigned and Chris decided to return home to celebrate his heritage with the introduction of his first Afrikaans album. "Ek herhaal jou" by Chris Chameleon will be released by Rhythm Records and distributed by Select Music Distribution.”

Chris asked me some time ago to link to his new website as Boo! has to live on in our mind and heart... Place to go: www.chrischameleon.com!

Normally, I won't post any messages here anymore.

Just keep on monkeypunkin'

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Something special gig in Den Haag

We drove for about 3 hours, got there too early, met some friends from Gent in the local Frietkot, ate some bread in our car and then camped outside the door of Musicon. We were ready! ;-) I filmed some songs and put parts on line in the near future...

The band started their setlist with 5 songs partly accoustic. During those songs the bandmembers were swapping instruments and Chris performed some songs on his accoustic guitar. The show lasted just over 1 hour and 50 min. It must have been one of the longest sets ever... but we were still crying for encores!


  • Hello (yes a Lionel Richie cover!!!)
  • HKTN
  • Simon (an oldie but never performed!)
  • Play
  • #1
  • OOAA
  • Franki
  • Soppi
  • I Ying Yang
  • Wishboan
  • Krusti
  • Mud
  • Open
  • Room
  • Home
  • Sting
  • Come
  • Noel
  • Blerrie Hunter (never heard this one live!)
  • Amsterdam
  • Wannabe
  • Star
  • Hosanna
  • Ben Hur
  • Bi Pass

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Chris solo?

Next year, Chris appears to go solo... This is his side of the story:

"Dear fans, friends, family.
By now most of you will be aware of leon and ampie's resignation from boo on 19 september. After the subsequent confusion and lack of communication from the band's side, i guess a word or two to clear the smoke a little would be in order. It wouldn't be appropriate for me to elaborate on their reasons for this decision, it should be left to them to explain their own actions. But i can assure you that such a decision isn't made lightly. any decision that brings 7 years of work to an abrubt end will have to be very strongly motivated. I have shared an immense amount of experiences with ampie and leon over these 7 years. We have had to carry each other through pains of both the heart and body. with them, i endured poverty, almost 700 000km (i actually added it up!) of traveling, fast foods, italian hotels, 876 gigs, car accidends, drugs, sex (actually, that's the only thing we didn't share!), rock and roll, the size of the u.s.a., poverty (have i mentioned that?), eastern europe, sunrises on the highway, english cooking, mud, snow, (lets just say: nature.), gigs separated by 18 hours and 1800km, crowds of 15 000 and crowds of 0 (do the bar lady and sound engineer count??), chinese take aways in 17 countries, theft, fortune, agression, kindness, dirty toilet seats, breakdowns in the desert, food poisoning, bungi jumping, beds in youth hostels and 5 star hotels, searches at border crossings, v.i.p. treatment, skydiving, beds to share, upgrades to business class by fans at the check in desks, south africans and germans! we have laughed (very much!) and cried (sometimes). We have taken on a dark and mysterious future and gone where no band has gone before. We have done it alone, independent of anything but our own passion, whims and will. And although we are finished, it isn't over because we have left something behind that will outlast us: a little bit of knowledge which we may pass on to our children, a kind word spoken in a different part of the world. And music and music and music. and now the future waits. A mystery, an open book, an adventure! we have aquired and developed many skills in the last 7 years. I am sure ampie and leon are better equipped than they have ever been to face a future within which to express themselves and excell. I know this because it is the same with me, and we did it together. What i know for certain is that i will carry on bringing my music to people as i have always done. the music i wrote for boo is like a child to me, and i would hate to see it confined to the past while i am still alive to play it. And so i have decided that i will try to find other musicians to replace ampie and leon and continue the boo odyssey. Of course i wouldn't try to copy what ampie and leon did, their roles in boo were far too unique to xerox. It will have to be a new way of doing it. And the same voice that told me that this band can work, that you can call a band boo and get away with it, the voice that told me each of those songs (yes, even something as ridiculous as champion!) could work, that same voice will tell me if it works or not. If it does, i'll be back, enticing you to boo us back for more! If it doesn't, i'll be back alone, as chris chameleon playing more of my music. Maybe some of my old stuff... but i will be back and i will need time. There is a lot to do. Ampie and leon were never slack and to do the work they did will require much time and energy. i intend to come back next year. Maybe in the first half, surely by the second. I will launch my own site soon and keep you updated on my progress via this site with news and new music clips. I would like to thank you all for your support thus far, and will do my best to be worthy of that support in the future. The love, help, advice and encouragement i have received in these last few weeks have served as a great inspiration to me. And by virtue of this inspiration the news that barely a month ago devastated me, has now excited me! And i thank you for that. So, smile! chins up, and watch this space..."

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The final curtain?

Tjok festival is already a long time ago... I missed Pukkelpop and the show at Congé Payé (Eksel) because I was in Barcelona for a month. But now I need my shot of energy, 2 shots actually!

After the short UK leg last week, Boo! will finish their 5 month European tour in The Benelux for what may be the last few shows in the history of Boo!

Tomorrow, we'll attend the special gig at the Musicon in Den Haag (Holland, sold out) and then drive back to our homecity Gent where they'll be playing on Thursday: Charlatan. Tickets are only available at the door, doors open at 20h30.

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About the possible split...

Boo! posted this message some days ago:
"Some sad news...
Leon and Ampie will no longer play in Boo! after the current tour due to personal reasons. Boo! will complete all listed dates untill the end of October.
We thank all the people we met and fondly remember all the wonderfull places we saw. It has been an amazing and unforgettable time."

A message which came by total surprise. It's a big shock, not to mention disappointment... Asking for more information, we got these reactions:

"We will do that soon. But we are still on tour. Regards. Leon"
"As soon as we have full info we do a proper email. Marcel"

Hopefully we will hear the story when the tour ends in October... Whatever happens, we wish to thank the guys for all the fun they already gave us and we are still looking forward to new material!


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Boo! interview on Studio Brussel

After their performance at the Pukkelpop festival on the 21st of August, Boo! will be interviewed by Studio Brussel, a Belgium national radio station. The trio will be on air around 21:30.
You can listen to the interview online via Studio Brussel and check for the link "Luister Live".

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Show Boo! in Hove (14/08/04)

Boo! played at Hove last night, a small town just outside Antwerpen. As headliner of Tjok-up-rock, a (very) local but cosy festival, they started about an hour later than expected. Killing time... so I bought one of their shiny blue t-shirts, now I am proud to be part of the Monki tribe. After dancing, jumping, screaming "rapper Ampie" and mainly enjoying myself for one hour, Boo! had to cut their show (too) short (due to the following dj set I guess), no extra songs, but we gave them a well deserved Boo! anyway :-) I will miss the show next week at Pukkelpop, but Nadia will be omnipresent! Marcel, thanks for the playlist!

For more pictures of the band, Nadia, Mieke, Severine, ... click here!

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Boo! at Dour festival

Boo! played at the Dour Festival last weekend, but I had to miss the show because of a bbq... But I will be in great shape in Hove and Charlatan (great bar by the way). At Dour, Boo! played in a huge and HOT tent and performed the following set:

  • Room
  • Ben Hur
  • Home
  • Lucki
  • I Ying I Yang
  • Afro
  • Wannabe
  • Come
  • Champ
  • OOAA
  • Play
  • #1
During OOAA Ampie Omo's trombone fell on the floor in the middle of the performance and Ampie was not able to use it anymore during the show, so he made some funny sounds with his mouth instead. Due to this Boo! had to swap some songs of the setlist and played Play and #1 instead of Lyke Your Type and Bipass (two heavy trombone songs).

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Boo! at Pukkelpop

Boo! is coming for another 3 sparkling gigs in Belgium, because Pukkelpop is confirmed!

  • Sat 14/08: Tjok Festival, Hove, BE
  • Sat 21/08: Pukkelpop, Hasselt, BE
  • Thu 28/08: Charlatan, Gent, BE

Other bands I like at Pukkelpop:
Dandy Warhols, dEUS, Magnus, Goldfrapp... Not bad as support acts for Boo!

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Naboo: new website to be released on 22nd July

The new Boo! website (the old one will remain as a part of the new site) will go live on the 22nd of July 2004. The place to visit stays http://www.boolive.com or go directly to Naboo! To celebrate this launch, some band members will be online in a new chat room for a friendly Boo! chat. You can join them at 8 pm (gmt +1) on the 22nd of July.

Preview of new features:

- At the new Gig Guide, you will be able to mail a gig to friend. The Gig Guide will also send out the gigs in your country automatically on the 1st and 15th of each month.
- Next is the Gallery: less pictures but more quality.
- Clip section: combination of video clips and MP3.
- Monki Punk section where you can buy cd's & MP3, scroll through their discography and read the lyrics!!

And... a fan gallery, a diary, a chat room, a guestbook and the possibility to contact them. So send them your Boo-love, you Boodists all over the world!!

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New album!

Soon, Boo! will leave Europe and stay for about three weeks in South Africa. Mainly for some shows, BUT they will also spent many hours in the studio to work on new stuff!
The upcoming album should be released in 2005. So far Boo! recorded 8 songs as pre production of the new album. Some titles: Lyk your type, Loving fool, Too do 2 day, Nothing, Garden.

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Some pictures from the European tour

Some European tour pictures can be found at:

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New website coming!!

The new Boo! website will be launched pretty soon! If you have any pictures of you and the band, please send them to marcel@boolive.com.

And Boney Leonie had an update himself: a new haircut! :-)

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More dates!

During the European tour, Boo! will fly to South Africa at the end of July, beginning of August to do some shows. One of them is a performance at the Oppikoppi Festival.
Boo! booked some more shows in Europe as well. Please check boostinks.com for the latest updates.

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June, 5th: concert Boo! at Burgerweeshuis (Deventer, Holland)

The next day Boo! drove to Deventer and "performed for a smaller crowd, since the Dutch National Team tried to play soccer. At the end of the show Boney Leonie had to deal with some drumkitproblems, which can occor if he bangs his drums so loud!"


  1. Angels
  2. Welcome
  3. Garden
  4. Wannabe
  5. Champion
  6. TNTLC
  7. Star
  8. ToDoToday
  9. Play
  10. Krusti
  11. Amsterdam
  12. Afro
  13. Hosanna
  14. OOAA
  15. Like your type
  16. Ben Hur
  17. Nothing
  18. Come
  19. # 1
  20. Bi Pass

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June, 4th: concert Boo! at 013 (Tilburg, Holland)

Boo! returned this weekend in Europe for a 5 month tour with a break in the middle (the band will do some gigs in South Africa in the second part of July). At the first show in the venue called 013, Boo! faced a very enthousiastic crowd. "The audience danced, clapped, cheered and Boo! from the first to the end of the show. Once in a while the audience was singing as loud as Chris Chameleon." But as I presume, not as high ;-)


  1. Krusti
  2. Room
  3. Welcome
  4. Simunye
  5. Garden (new song)
  6. Like your Type (kind of new song)
  7. Soppi
  8. Todotoday (new song, thanks for the clapping!)
  9. oo aa
  10. TNTLC
  11. Play
  12. Champion
  13. Nothing (new song)
  14. Angels
  15. Afro
  16. Star
  17. Come
  18. Ben Hur
  19. # 1
  20. Mud (kind of encore)

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Boo! live radio interview + acoustic session

If you check Boolive.com, you can hear Boo! in a live radio show. Boo! joined in at this show at the 22nd of May and performed some STUNNING acoustic songs... Listen to the full show!! Between the songs, Boo! is interviewed.

  • Boo! - Champion cd version
  • Boo! - Come cd version
  • Boo! - Open cd version
  • Boo! - Duv Mafia (Live & Unplugged)
  • Boo! - Booble (Live & Unplugged)
  • Boo! - Garden (Live & Unplugged) NEW SONG!!!!!!!

Or go directly to the radio session! There's nothing Boo! cannot overcome...

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Den Hemel, 20-03-04 (review Jan Lissens - part 1)

"Den Hemel" literally means "Heaven" and, last saturday, for a large number of enthusiastic Monkipunkers it was. I was saddened by the fact that it was, for me at, the last gig I'd see until the next European tour, but fortunately, Boo! obliged by making it last.

The travelling trio were as good as ever, and they played a number of songs I hadn't heard on a gig for quite some time (to wit, "Franki", "Hosanna" and "OO AA". "OO AA", by the way is the song that my five year old refers to as "aapmuziekje" which translates as "monki music". Since it comes out of the mouth of the proverbial babe, I guess whoever chose the name of the music, chose it well.

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Den Hemel, 20-03-04 (review Jan Lissens - part 2)

The Boo! entourage (if you can call Marcel an entourage) was, as always quite busy before the show setting down water and beer bottles, sticking playlist to any odd place and so on. Actually, sticking playlists to any odd places is something Marcel apparently quite enjoyed, since he could not stop and even did it during the show. My advice would be: if you stick a playlist to the floor, use LARGE characters ;-). I also wondered where I saw his pair of jeans before, and then it hit me (the thought, not the jeans): in about every Boo! gog I ever saw. Must be his lucky pair.

The audience was behaving in a very odd manner. The front half of the audience, which naturally included me (I'm one of those usually glued to the stage) was dancing and rocking and thoroughly enjoying themselves, while the back half was just standing there, hardly moving, in a sort of mildly amused haze. I strongly suspect the owners of "Den Hemel" of having mistaken floor wax for glue while buffing the back half of the room.

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Den Hemel, 20-03-04 (review Jan Lissens - part 3)

I could go on and on about the music, the twenty-four octaves Chris can vocally reproduce, Ampie's ability to play a zillion instruments at once and still look like he's having the time of his life, and Boney Leonie's percusionistic prowess, or about a great new song called "I Lyk Your Typ", but I won't...

Instead, I will take you on a Monkipunk tour of that great and forgotten form of poetic pastiche which is, of course...

po...po...po...poooooooo... the Limerick! (sound of applause and crowd going wild)

As the great Willy himself put it: without much further ado, I present to you the latest product of my totally spaced out cerebrum:


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Den Hemel, 20-03-04 BOO! THE LYMERIK BALLUD

Chris, a South African SyngerHis performance, oh how did it lyngerHis danced o'r the stagein a Monkipunk rageWhile rapping his base guitar with his fynger

His giant friend, named Ampie so aptlyPlays numerous instruments adeptlyAnd when he gets a chanceHe plays 'em all at onceSo that all other musicians seem ineptly

There is also the drummer named LeonWho drums like no other this eonDuring a show in ArlonsHe overheated his batonsSo Marcel had to cool 'm with freon

Marcel, it should well be mentionedAs manager rarely gets any attentionThough he does a great deal of workHe has a very odd quirk:He wears jeans from another dimension

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Den Hemel, 20-03-04

Rapper Ampie!! ;-)

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Den Hemel, 20-03-04

Reactie van Chris na een bezoekje aan de blog van Julie:

ek is toe na jou site om die esensie te lees. pragtige woorde. gister het nvriend vir my n uitknipsel gewys van n resensie wat oor ons verskyn het naons optrede in breda. in hierdie resensie word daar genoem dat die rede virons sukses n raaisel is, omdat ons saai en eentonige pop speel! nou ja, asboo!fan weet jy seker hoe een van ons grootste probleme is dat ons so sukkelom van een song na n ander met iets nuuts vorendag te kom, en hoe elke albumvan ons presies net soos die vorige klink! ha ha, ek vermoed daai resensentis n regte boo!fan, hoor hoe hard roep hy 'boo!'! nietemin, dis vir mensesoos jy dat ek doen wat ek doen, en graag doen! gaan jou goed Julie!

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Den Hemel, 20-03-04


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Den Hemel, 20-03-04


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Den Hemel, 20-03-04

De playlist

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Louvain-la-Neuve, Universatil, 17-03-04


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Louvain-la-Neuve, Universatil, 17-03-04


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Louvain-la-Neuve, Universatil, 17-03-04


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