Charlatan 16-jan-04: review JL (part 1)

It is friday. An atmosphere of anticipation and wonder hangs over the great city of Ghent and its many towers and spires. The camera slowly zooms in on a club called "Charlatan" as the source of this anticipation becomes clear. A long line - well perhaps not so long, but it was definitely a line - of Boo! fans is gathered at the entrance, ready and eager to pay a small fee in order to be able to witness on of the last wonders of our world, which is that fundamentally fabulous fantasy known as Boo! We zoom in on little old me - after all, this is my review, isn't it - as I enter the club - not too early, as it turns out, because as I pass through the gates - allright, allright, the DOOR...why can't I call it the gates...honestly, some people... Anyway, as I passed through the DOOR, I heard the dulcid tones of the opening act. Ladies and gentlemen, it was a revelation, it was as if I entered a new world. Perhaps not the world I was expecting, but a Brave-New-World it was. I was brave...the world was new. It was the world of two Japanese - okay let's call them rocksingers - known as Yumi Yumi. Okay, to be fair, they didn't sound all that bad, but their look left something to be desired. I was deeply impressed however, with their drummer. It was black, box-shaped, quite small and had lots of nice little levers, knobs and dials. Yes, my children, it was the first gig of the Amazing Automatic Percussionist. For those that have read the Discworld novels of Terry Pratchett, I think there was a small imp inside drumming his little demonic heart out. But soon, it was blissfully over, and there appeared on the stage those Masters of Monki Punk, the Lords of the Stage, The Marquis of Mesmeration:

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