Charlatan 16-jan-04: review JL (part 2)

And what a show is was, dear children, what a show it was. The playlist was an overview of Boo!'s entire career, with some songs seldom heard on gigs and even a brand new one. Chris Chameleon looked absolutely stunning in black. I thought he looked somewhat tired, but he belied my sentiments with his performance. He was as energetic as ever, and his vocal chords were definitely unscathed. I still believe Chris has several sets of vocal chords, because there is no way a single chord can produce such a broad spectrum of sound. Towards the end of the gig, Chris' fatigue apparently got the better of him and the band had to skip to the last number. Chris, if you read this: congrats! You were amazing. Boo to the power infinity to you! But let us not forget the Blonde Bombshell Ampie Omo. This tour has him clad in colourful fabrics and, given his exceptional height, actually looking like a six feet tall blond Wookiee in clown gear. He didn't hit the triangle with a buttering knife this time, but man, he was an awesome sight. He jumbed back and forth on the stage, singing, smiling, playing a gazillion instruments at once, and thoroughly enjoying himself as ever. Amazing, truly amazing. And then there was Boney Leonie, dressed in what was probably Gaudi's idea of how a cyclist should be clad. I have never seen so many colours in one outfit, but hey, as for Leonie's and Ampie's, it worked! There is an amazing thing that happens when Boney L is drumming. He moves his drumsticks so fast across his instrument (oh, you dirty minds!) that the speed of the tip of the sticks actually approaches licht speed. This, completely according to Einstein's law of Relativity, actually creates ripples in the fabric of timespace, and when you see him playing, what you actually see is the previous or the next gig, depending on which direction the stick moves. If Stephen Hawking ever saw him play, he'd have a fit. All to soon, it was over, and I was yanked back into this dimension. Booo-hooo-hooo!
See you all in Scherpenheuvel!
Jan Lissens

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