Den Hemel, 20-03-04 BOO! THE LYMERIK BALLUD

Chris, a South African SyngerHis performance, oh how did it lyngerHis danced o'r the stagein a Monkipunk rageWhile rapping his base guitar with his fynger

His giant friend, named Ampie so aptlyPlays numerous instruments adeptlyAnd when he gets a chanceHe plays 'em all at onceSo that all other musicians seem ineptly

There is also the drummer named LeonWho drums like no other this eonDuring a show in ArlonsHe overheated his batonsSo Marcel had to cool 'm with freon

Marcel, it should well be mentionedAs manager rarely gets any attentionThough he does a great deal of workHe has a very odd quirk:He wears jeans from another dimension

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I think ... Jan Lissens deserves a hell of a Boo!

Gepost door: Fred | 26-03-04

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