Den Hemel, 20-03-04 (review Jan Lissens - part 1)

"Den Hemel" literally means "Heaven" and, last saturday, for a large number of enthusiastic Monkipunkers it was. I was saddened by the fact that it was, for me at, the last gig I'd see until the next European tour, but fortunately, Boo! obliged by making it last.

The travelling trio were as good as ever, and they played a number of songs I hadn't heard on a gig for quite some time (to wit, "Franki", "Hosanna" and "OO AA". "OO AA", by the way is the song that my five year old refers to as "aapmuziekje" which translates as "monki music". Since it comes out of the mouth of the proverbial babe, I guess whoever chose the name of the music, chose it well.

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