New website coming!!

The new Boo! website will be launched pretty soon! If you have any pictures of you and the band, please send them to marcel@boolive.com.

And Boney Leonie had an update himself: a new haircut! :-)

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More dates!

During the European tour, Boo! will fly to South Africa at the end of July, beginning of August to do some shows. One of them is a performance at the Oppikoppi Festival.
Boo! booked some more shows in Europe as well. Please check boostinks.com for the latest updates.

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June, 5th: concert Boo! at Burgerweeshuis (Deventer, Holland)

The next day Boo! drove to Deventer and "performed for a smaller crowd, since the Dutch National Team tried to play soccer. At the end of the show Boney Leonie had to deal with some drumkitproblems, which can occor if he bangs his drums so loud!"


  1. Angels
  2. Welcome
  3. Garden
  4. Wannabe
  5. Champion
  6. TNTLC
  7. Star
  8. ToDoToday
  9. Play
  10. Krusti
  11. Amsterdam
  12. Afro
  13. Hosanna
  14. OOAA
  15. Like your type
  16. Ben Hur
  17. Nothing
  18. Come
  19. # 1
  20. Bi Pass

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June, 4th: concert Boo! at 013 (Tilburg, Holland)

Boo! returned this weekend in Europe for a 5 month tour with a break in the middle (the band will do some gigs in South Africa in the second part of July). At the first show in the venue called 013, Boo! faced a very enthousiastic crowd. "The audience danced, clapped, cheered and Boo! from the first to the end of the show. Once in a while the audience was singing as loud as Chris Chameleon." But as I presume, not as high ;-)


  1. Krusti
  2. Room
  3. Welcome
  4. Simunye
  5. Garden (new song)
  6. Like your Type (kind of new song)
  7. Soppi
  8. Todotoday (new song, thanks for the clapping!)
  9. oo aa
  10. TNTLC
  11. Play
  12. Champion
  13. Nothing (new song)
  14. Angels
  15. Afro
  16. Star
  17. Come
  18. Ben Hur
  19. # 1
  20. Mud (kind of encore)

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Boo! live radio interview + acoustic session

If you check Boolive.com, you can hear Boo! in a live radio show. Boo! joined in at this show at the 22nd of May and performed some STUNNING acoustic songs... Listen to the full show!! Between the songs, Boo! is interviewed.

  • Boo! - Champion cd version
  • Boo! - Come cd version
  • Boo! - Open cd version
  • Boo! - Duv Mafia (Live & Unplugged)
  • Boo! - Booble (Live & Unplugged)
  • Boo! - Garden (Live & Unplugged) NEW SONG!!!!!!!

Or go directly to the radio session! There's nothing Boo! cannot overcome...

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