Naboo: new website to be released on 22nd July

The new Boo! website (the old one will remain as a part of the new site) will go live on the 22nd of July 2004. The place to visit stays http://www.boolive.com or go directly to Naboo! To celebrate this launch, some band members will be online in a new chat room for a friendly Boo! chat. You can join them at 8 pm (gmt +1) on the 22nd of July.

Preview of new features:

- At the new Gig Guide, you will be able to mail a gig to friend. The Gig Guide will also send out the gigs in your country automatically on the 1st and 15th of each month.
- Next is the Gallery: less pictures but more quality.
- Clip section: combination of video clips and MP3.
- Monki Punk section where you can buy cd's & MP3, scroll through their discography and read the lyrics!!

And... a fan gallery, a diary, a chat room, a guestbook and the possibility to contact them. So send them your Boo-love, you Boodists all over the world!!

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