Boo! at Dour festival

Boo! played at the Dour Festival last weekend, but I had to miss the show because of a bbq... But I will be in great shape in Hove and Charlatan (great bar by the way). At Dour, Boo! played in a huge and HOT tent and performed the following set:

  • Room
  • Ben Hur
  • Home
  • Lucki
  • I Ying I Yang
  • Afro
  • Wannabe
  • Come
  • Champ
  • OOAA
  • Play
  • #1
During OOAA Ampie Omo's trombone fell on the floor in the middle of the performance and Ampie was not able to use it anymore during the show, so he made some funny sounds with his mouth instead. Due to this Boo! had to swap some songs of the setlist and played Play and #1 instead of Lyke Your Type and Bipass (two heavy trombone songs).

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hi hi frederik, nadi,
good job!

Gepost door: emese | 25-07-04

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