Boo! at Dour festival

Boo! played at the Dour Festival last weekend, but I had to miss the show because of a bbq... But I will be in great shape in Hove and Charlatan (great bar by the way). At Dour, Boo! played in a huge and HOT tent and performed the following set:

  • Room
  • Ben Hur
  • Home
  • Lucki
  • I Ying I Yang
  • Afro
  • Wannabe
  • Come
  • Champ
  • OOAA
  • Play
  • #1
During OOAA Ampie Omo's trombone fell on the floor in the middle of the performance and Ampie was not able to use it anymore during the show, so he made some funny sounds with his mouth instead. Due to this Boo! had to swap some songs of the setlist and played Play and #1 instead of Lyke Your Type and Bipass (two heavy trombone songs).

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Boo! at Pukkelpop

Boo! is coming for another 3 sparkling gigs in Belgium, because Pukkelpop is confirmed!

  • Sat 14/08: Tjok Festival, Hove, BE
  • Sat 21/08: Pukkelpop, Hasselt, BE
  • Thu 28/08: Charlatan, Gent, BE

Other bands I like at Pukkelpop:
Dandy Warhols, dEUS, Magnus, Goldfrapp... Not bad as support acts for Boo!

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Naboo: new website to be released on 22nd July

The new Boo! website (the old one will remain as a part of the new site) will go live on the 22nd of July 2004. The place to visit stays http://www.boolive.com or go directly to Naboo! To celebrate this launch, some band members will be online in a new chat room for a friendly Boo! chat. You can join them at 8 pm (gmt +1) on the 22nd of July.

Preview of new features:

- At the new Gig Guide, you will be able to mail a gig to friend. The Gig Guide will also send out the gigs in your country automatically on the 1st and 15th of each month.
- Next is the Gallery: less pictures but more quality.
- Clip section: combination of video clips and MP3.
- Monki Punk section where you can buy cd's & MP3, scroll through their discography and read the lyrics!!

And... a fan gallery, a diary, a chat room, a guestbook and the possibility to contact them. So send them your Boo-love, you Boodists all over the world!!

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New album!

Soon, Boo! will leave Europe and stay for about three weeks in South Africa. Mainly for some shows, BUT they will also spent many hours in the studio to work on new stuff!
The upcoming album should be released in 2005. So far Boo! recorded 8 songs as pre production of the new album. Some titles: Lyk your type, Loving fool, Too do 2 day, Nothing, Garden.

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Some pictures from the European tour

Some European tour pictures can be found at:

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