Show Boo! in Hove (14/08/04)

Boo! played at Hove last night, a small town just outside Antwerpen. As headliner of Tjok-up-rock, a (very) local but cosy festival, they started about an hour later than expected. Killing time... so I bought one of their shiny blue t-shirts, now I am proud to be part of the Monki tribe. After dancing, jumping, screaming "rapper Ampie" and mainly enjoying myself for one hour, Boo! had to cut their show (too) short (due to the following dj set I guess), no extra songs, but we gave them a well deserved Boo! anyway :-) I will miss the show next week at Pukkelpop, but Nadia will be omnipresent! Marcel, thanks for the playlist!

For more pictures of the band, Nadia, Mieke, Severine, ... click here!

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Whoeha Chris' tongue is quite impressive!
I wasn't there :-( I can't go to Pukkelpup either, but I certainly don't want to miss them in Ghent!

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