About the possible split...

Boo! posted this message some days ago:
"Some sad news...
Leon and Ampie will no longer play in Boo! after the current tour due to personal reasons. Boo! will complete all listed dates untill the end of October.
We thank all the people we met and fondly remember all the wonderfull places we saw. It has been an amazing and unforgettable time."

A message which came by total surprise. It's a big shock, not to mention disappointment... Asking for more information, we got these reactions:

"We will do that soon. But we are still on tour. Regards. Leon"
"As soon as we have full info we do a proper email. Marcel"

Hopefully we will hear the story when the tour ends in October... Whatever happens, we wish to thank the guys for all the fun they already gave us and we are still looking forward to new material!


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about split boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo........... . . . . .

Gepost door: rizla's guy | 28-09-04

mr I saw you guys at the Boardwalk in Sheffield last night and honestly thought you were the best band id ever seen.

and ive seen most bands proffessional and otherwise
great voclist ,bass playing awesome
Drummer tight as owt
Trumpet geezer etc...Brilliaint
generally out of this world
all the best to yah
Jim Sheffield, not Mansfield

Gepost door: james | 23-10-04

i miss you hello peaple of boo! i like your music and i am lissining everyday sorry for my spelling its not so good but i hope you untherstand me i'v bin never whit your concert and i am really really sead that i never meat you gays my boyfrend meets you whit every concert and now you gays are not playing any more but why your music is fun and my dream is to meat you gays becaus when i am lissining to your music i am happy and smyling and than my boyfrend sait to me you even now thay people you are the most crazy peaple i ever lissing at thanxxxx for the music you peaple have giving to the world youre greet . greetz from melanie melissa ramuntcho en nathasja from holland

Gepost door: nathasja | 21-09-07

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