Chris solo?

Next year, Chris appears to go solo... This is his side of the story:

"Dear fans, friends, family.
By now most of you will be aware of leon and ampie's resignation from boo on 19 september. After the subsequent confusion and lack of communication from the band's side, i guess a word or two to clear the smoke a little would be in order. It wouldn't be appropriate for me to elaborate on their reasons for this decision, it should be left to them to explain their own actions. But i can assure you that such a decision isn't made lightly. any decision that brings 7 years of work to an abrubt end will have to be very strongly motivated. I have shared an immense amount of experiences with ampie and leon over these 7 years. We have had to carry each other through pains of both the heart and body. with them, i endured poverty, almost 700 000km (i actually added it up!) of traveling, fast foods, italian hotels, 876 gigs, car accidends, drugs, sex (actually, that's the only thing we didn't share!), rock and roll, the size of the u.s.a., poverty (have i mentioned that?), eastern europe, sunrises on the highway, english cooking, mud, snow, (lets just say: nature.), gigs separated by 18 hours and 1800km, crowds of 15 000 and crowds of 0 (do the bar lady and sound engineer count??), chinese take aways in 17 countries, theft, fortune, agression, kindness, dirty toilet seats, breakdowns in the desert, food poisoning, bungi jumping, beds in youth hostels and 5 star hotels, searches at border crossings, v.i.p. treatment, skydiving, beds to share, upgrades to business class by fans at the check in desks, south africans and germans! we have laughed (very much!) and cried (sometimes). We have taken on a dark and mysterious future and gone where no band has gone before. We have done it alone, independent of anything but our own passion, whims and will. And although we are finished, it isn't over because we have left something behind that will outlast us: a little bit of knowledge which we may pass on to our children, a kind word spoken in a different part of the world. And music and music and music. and now the future waits. A mystery, an open book, an adventure! we have aquired and developed many skills in the last 7 years. I am sure ampie and leon are better equipped than they have ever been to face a future within which to express themselves and excell. I know this because it is the same with me, and we did it together. What i know for certain is that i will carry on bringing my music to people as i have always done. the music i wrote for boo is like a child to me, and i would hate to see it confined to the past while i am still alive to play it. And so i have decided that i will try to find other musicians to replace ampie and leon and continue the boo odyssey. Of course i wouldn't try to copy what ampie and leon did, their roles in boo were far too unique to xerox. It will have to be a new way of doing it. And the same voice that told me that this band can work, that you can call a band boo and get away with it, the voice that told me each of those songs (yes, even something as ridiculous as champion!) could work, that same voice will tell me if it works or not. If it does, i'll be back, enticing you to boo us back for more! If it doesn't, i'll be back alone, as chris chameleon playing more of my music. Maybe some of my old stuff... but i will be back and i will need time. There is a lot to do. Ampie and leon were never slack and to do the work they did will require much time and energy. i intend to come back next year. Maybe in the first half, surely by the second. I will launch my own site soon and keep you updated on my progress via this site with news and new music clips. I would like to thank you all for your support thus far, and will do my best to be worthy of that support in the future. The love, help, advice and encouragement i have received in these last few weeks have served as a great inspiration to me. And by virtue of this inspiration the news that barely a month ago devastated me, has now excited me! And i thank you for that. So, smile! chins up, and watch this space..."

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Ms Tragic. But Chameleons adapt and perhaps it is time to see some colours until now undiscovered. You know what they say about one door closing...there's something waiting for you on the outside.

Gepost door: leizl | 03-01-05

Mizz Theees is jast too fookin soppy man! Jast carrion

Gepost door: Lucy-fur | 17-01-05

what to believe for the record ampie and leon told me you wanted to break up. the whole of BOO! is full of shit u should release a comprehensive break down from all 3 of you giving the facts. spare us the confussion of being in your games BOO!
once a proud BOO!DIST

Gepost door: matthew | 05-03-05

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