Something special gig in Den Haag

We drove for about 3 hours, got there too early, met some friends from Gent in the local Frietkot, ate some bread in our car and then camped outside the door of Musicon. We were ready! ;-) I filmed some songs and put parts on line in the near future...

The band started their setlist with 5 songs partly accoustic. During those songs the bandmembers were swapping instruments and Chris performed some songs on his accoustic guitar. The show lasted just over 1 hour and 50 min. It must have been one of the longest sets ever... but we were still crying for encores!


  • Hello (yes a Lionel Richie cover!!!)
  • HKTN
  • Simon (an oldie but never performed!)
  • Play
  • #1
  • OOAA
  • Franki
  • Soppi
  • I Ying Yang
  • Wishboan
  • Krusti
  • Mud
  • Open
  • Room
  • Home
  • Sting
  • Come
  • Noel
  • Blerrie Hunter (never heard this one live!)
  • Amsterdam
  • Wannabe
  • Star
  • Hosanna
  • Ben Hur
  • Bi Pass

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