Chris Chameleon solo: website!

Chris Chameleon has launched his first Afrikaans solo album: “Ek herhaal jou”. The album is a musical journey in which Chris has transformed the poetry of iconic 60`s poet Ingrid Jonker into melodic and accessible songs. After 7 years of touring 17 countries, counting up to 800 shows, the other two members of Boo! resigned and Chris decided to return home to celebrate his heritage with the introduction of his first Afrikaans album. "Ek herhaal jou" by Chris Chameleon will be released by Rhythm Records and distributed by Select Music Distribution.”

Chris asked me some time ago to link to his new website as Boo! has to live on in our mind and heart... Place to go: www.chrischameleon.com!

Normally, I won't post any messages here anymore.

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